Pet In-House Progesterone

Our Pet In-House Progesterone service reflects our dedication to ensuring the well-being and happiness of your beloved companion.

Pet In-House Progesterone in Poteau, OK

We at Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital are cognizant of the close relationship you have with your four-legged friends. We aim to give your dogs the best treatment possible and ensure their well-being throughout every stage of their life. We understand the delight and responsibility of having a four-legged family member because we are pet parents. In light of this, we’re pleased to announce our unique service, Pet In House Progesterone.

A ground-breaking service available only at Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital is Pet In-House Progesterone. Monitoring progesterone levels is essential for successful breeding because they play a significant influence in a female pet’s reproductive cycle.

A dog sitting on a wood floor

The Benefits for Your Pet

  • Accurate Timing for Breeding: Breeding can be timed precisely thanks to progesterone, which is produced in homes with pets. Finding the exact moment of ovulation allows us to maximize the possibility of successful breeding by guaranteeing the best chance of conception.
  • Increased Pregnancy Success: Successful pregnancies depend on timing. We can increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and lower the risk of difficulties throughout gestation by using our progesterone testing.
  • Customised Breeding Programmes: Because every animal is different, we may create breeding programs that are tailored to your pet’s particular reproductive requirements by conducting in-house progesterone testing.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Traditional progesterone testing frequently entails transferring samples to outside laboratories, which causes delays and raises costs. With our in-house service, you’ll gain quicker outcomes and more affordable breeding.