Pet Boarding for Our Clients

For our clients, pet boarding is a service whereby pet boarding facilities or veterinary clinics house and look after the pets of their current clients while the owners are away.

Pet Boarding for Our Clients in Poteau, OK

We’re glad you’re here at Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital, where first-rate service meets unrivaled comfort. We recognize that your dogs are more than simply animals; they are cherished members of your family who enrich your life with joy and happiness. As the premier veterinary facility in Poteau, Oklahoma, we take pleasure in providing extravagant pet boarding services to our clients, giving your cherished pets a secure and loving environment while you are away.

At Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital, we consider pet boarding to be a stress-free experience for both you and your four-legged companions. Our pet boarding services in Poteau, Oklahoma, are created to provide the finest standard of comfort and care.

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Benefits of Our Pet Boarding for Our Clients Services

Boarding Requirements

  • Our boarding facility accommodates current clients only, ensuring the best care for our furry guests.
  • For canine boarders, we require up-to-date vaccinations including DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines.
  • A negative heartworm test is mandatory to ensure the well-being of all dogs in our care.

A Safe and Loving Environment

  • While you’re gone, you can relax knowing that your pets are in a safe and secure environment thanks to our pet boarding services.
  • Our staff members provide individualized care, love, and devotion to make sure your dogs are happy and taken care of while they are with us.

Tailored Care for Every Pet

  • We know that every pet has particular requirements and personalities.
  • Our pet boarding services provide individualized care, attending to your pet’s unique needs, including dietary requirements, medication delivery, or preferred playtime activities.

In addition to being treasured members of your family, your pets are more than simply creatures to you at Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital. Our Pet Boarding for Our Clients services in Poteau, OK, are created to give your cherished pets a safe, adoring, and comfortable home away from home. We strive to make your pet’s stay as pleasurable and stress-free as possible by providing individualized care, routine monitoring, and a caring staff.