Pet In-Hours Emergency Services

Emergency veterinarian treatments for pets are offered throughout regular office hours to deal with life-threatening conditions.

Pet In Hours Emergency Services in Poteau, OK

Here at Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital, excellent care and comfort are combined. We are aware that crises can arise at any time, and your dogs should receive prompt assistance and qualified care. As the best veterinary facility in Poteau, Oklahoma, We are not available for afterhour service 24/7. We have an after service to direct clients to an ER if Dr. is not available.

Accidents and crises can be emotionally draining for both you and your dogs, and we at Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital are aware of this. Pet in-hours emergency services are prioritized for our clients.

A person with a stethoscope holding a dog

Benefits of Our Pet In-Hours Emergency Services for Our Clients

Immediate and Expert Care

  • Your pets will receive prompt treatment and attention when faced with crises thanks to our pet in-hours emergency services.
  • From serious injuries to unexpected illnesses, our knowledgeable veterinarians are prepared to treat a wide range of urgent medical circumstances.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

  • We are not available for after hour care 24/7. We have an afterhours service that refers client to an ER if our Doctors are not available.
  • All during the emergency procedure, our carers are committed to keeping you informed and assisting you.

We at Poteau Valley Veterinary Hospital are aware that emergencies call for prompt response and qualified care. Our Pet In-Hours Emergency Services in Poteau, OK, provide pet parents peace of mind by ensuring that their cherished pets will receive timely and kind care in an emergency. With cutting-edge facilities and a team of committed experts, we strive to give your pets the finest treatment possible, ensuring their safety and well-being at all times.